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This page was splitted. Membrane Router has moved to the Membrane ESB pages and Membrane Monitor stays at this page.

Membrane Monitor

Capture, analyze and manipulate HTTP and SOAP messages.

Membrane with a captured SOAP Message


  • Open Source under ASF 2.0 licence
  • Inspection of HTTP traffic in realtime
  • Formatters for XML, SOAP and JSON
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Block and resend messages
  • Works as normal proxy and as reverse proxy


Find tutorials, references and step by step explanations in the documentation.

Problems and Support

You can browse the Membrane Monitor Mailing List at Google Groups. Post any questions, feature requests and feedback to the list. A subscription is not needed for posting. You also can get commercial support for the Membrane products.


The Membrane SOAP Monitor software is provided under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0. The software contains external components and libraries. See the notice regarding external components in the distribution archives..

Free Download

Download Membrane Monitor 3.2.2 for Windows 64Bit

Downloads for Win32, Mac OSX and Linux.

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