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Can be used in

basicAuthentication and staticUserDataProvider


				<serviceProxy port="2001">
						<user name="admin" password="adminadmin" />
						<user name="guest" password="guestguest" />
						<user name="root-admin" password="rootadminadmin" />
					<target host="www.predic8.de" />		
Listing 1: user Example


Name Required Default Description Example
password false - The user's password.
secret false - The user's shared TOTP secret (if used in combination with the {@link TOTPTokenProvider}).
sms false - The user's phone number (if used in combination with the {@link TelekomSMSTokenProvider}).
username false - The user's login.
any false - Other user attributes. For example any attribute starting with "header" will be added when HTTP requests are forwarded when authorized by this user.

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