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The log feature logs request and response messages to the log4j framework. The messages will appear either on the console or in a log file depending on the configuration of the conf/log4j.properties file.

Can be used in

spring:beans, if, proxy, registration, request, response, serviceProxy, soapProxy, stompProxy, swaggerProxy and transport


				<log headerOnly="[false,true]" category="[string]" level="[TRACE,DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,FATAL]"/>
Listing 1: log Syntax


				<serviceProxy port="2000">
						<log />
					<target host="www.predic8.de" />		
Listing 2: log Example


Name Required Default Description Example
category false com.predic8.membrane.core.interceptor.LogInterceptor Sets the category of the logged message. Membrane
headerOnly false true If set to true only the HTTP header will be logged.
level false INFO Sets the log level. WARN

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