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Membrane ESB as a a JBoss Service

Membrane ESB can be installed as a JBoss Service providing the following benefits:

Getting the MBean for the router and installing it in JBoss requires the following steps:

1. Get the SAR

Download the .sar file from

or checkout the source from https://github.com/membrane/service-proxy/ and build it yourself.

2. Deploying the SAR in JBoss

Copy the router-service.sar archive into the JBoss deployment directory located at


Take a look at the logs of JBoss and you will notice that the router have been started. To test the router open the following URL in your browser:


Hint: If the router doesn't start make sure that the port 2000 is not bound by another application.

Configuring the Router Service

The router is configured by the rules.xml and the monitor-beans.xml files. They are located in the SAR archive. To open the archive simply rename it into a zip file (e.g. router-service.zip). A description how to modify the configuration files can be found here.