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Can be used in

serviceProxy, soapProxy, transport


				<soapStackTraceFilter />
Listing 1: soapStackTraceFilter Syntax


					<serviceProxy port="2000">
							<soapStackTraceFilter />
						<target host="www.membrane-soa.org" />
Listing 2: soapStackTraceFilter Example


The soapStackTraceFilter removes SOAP stack traces from message bodies.

This hides sensitive information, as the structure of your backend source code, from the caller.

The soapStackTraceFilter works without further configuration with most backend servers, but it is advised to test its functionality in combination with your SOAP service provider before deploying it in production.


This interceptor is by default applied to both requests and responses. By wrapping it in an <request>...</request> (or <response>...</response>) element, you can select to apply it only to requests (or only to responses). See request and response.

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