Synchronous ESB (News from 29.07.)

Membrane has evolved from a simple TCPMon replacement to a powerful synchronous Enterprise Service Bus. On top of the small and extensible reverse HTTP proxy core Membrane 3 provides a simple but powerful domain specific language for integration based on HTTP, XML, JSON and other Web technologies. Using the integration DSL, you can configure service proxies for REST resources and SOAP based Web Services in minutes. The sample configuration below starts a Proxy Service at port 2000 that validates SOAP messages against WSDL and XML Schema definitions. You can find more samples in the REST Quickstart and Web Services Qickstart tutorials.

  <serviceProxy name="BLZ" port="2000">
    <soapValidator wsdl="" />
    <target host=""/>
Membrane is written for the fast mediation of a large number of messages. During the flow through the ESB there is no delay from persisting the messages into queues. As a consequence the delay caused by the ESB can be neglected. This makes Membrane a perfect middleware to route queries and AJAX calls from Web frontends to backend servers.
Membrane 3 is a lightweight framework that can be embedded into every Java application or server. It is provided under the terms of the Apache ASF 2.0 open source licence.

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